Serving Suggestions

Of course, sweet creamy DOLE SOFT SERVE® is a great treat all by itself. But don't hesitate to jazz things up a bit by adding any or all of the following toppings to create LTO and seasonal offerings:

  • Top with real fruit
  • Shake on vanilla sprinkles
  • Serve float-style by pouring fruit juice or lemon lime soda
  • Top with chocolate chips or candy pieces
  • Add some crunch with granola or nuts

Twists You Can't Resist

Did you know any two DOLE SOFT SERVE® flavors can be combined to create one incredible taste sensation? All you have to do is prepare both flavors individually then add them side-by-side in your soft serve machine. Simple, yet yummy. A fresh new LTO like this is a great way to attract new customers while at the same time ensuring your existing traffic comes back again and again.